About Me

Hi! I’m Abraham Moshekh!

But most folks call me Abe!  If you’ve gotten to this page, it’s probably because you saw the link that said “About Me”. If so, great! If not, why are you here

I am a Flutter,Nodejs+Express,Vuejs+Vuetify,MongoDB+Mongoose Developer. My interests include historical fencing, boxing, photography, and old school gaming/emulating.

The town I grew up in was Modesto California. From there I started my journey of becoming a computer science in the beauty known as Humboldt County at Humboldt State University. 

While there, I met the coolest computer science teacher Scott Burgess. I learned a lot of practical knowledge from him, but the largest take away was my love of photography. Infact, that cute little frog that greeted you to this page was taken by yours truly!

Since graduating, I decided that Humboldt was a place worth investing in and joined Biztech. There I built software for private and public clients, such as the Uplift App for the city of Eureka. 

In my spare time I study classical fencing under Maestro Antone Blair. I’ve spent several years training with french foil and am starting my journey into the world of german long sword, which makes me very gitty!

That about brings you up to speed, and with that said I look forward to see what comes next.